Tennis Coaching

We offer tennis programs for all levels and all ages ranging from 6 years old to adult classes.

It’s vital to get children into the exercise habit early. Studies show that if children exercise with their parents or peers, they’re so so much more likely to stay fit and active as they grow up.

Parents play a vital role in determining how physically active their children are.

From activities for kids they move naturally to more grown up activities, both individually and with their peers and family. They’ll stay active, fit and active through those difficult teenage years while having great fun and building interpersonal skills and lasting friendships.

Fitness becomes part of their lifestyle and your family will reap the benefits for their entire lifetime.

Group Coaching

This is where it all begins. Kids will learn the basics of the game in a fun yet structured environment, enjoying their time on court

The basics of the game are covered:


This sets up the kids to take part in our mini tennis festivals held on a Saturday once or twice a term.

With fun tennis games and some match play keeps the kids excited, engaged and coming back for more.

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Semi-Private Coaching

A Semi-private coaching session allows you to receive some personalised attention with a friend or partner.

This is a great way to see visually what is required and also a great way to have some fun on the court with your friend or partner.

Semi Private lessons allow you to receive individual attention at a reduced price.

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Private Coaching

Having a Private lesson with a CF Tennis coach will “fast track” your game.

The individual attention and coaching with an experienced coach who has an eye for detail will hone in on any technical or balance faults quickly. He/she will then be able to put a programme together to overcome these “glitches” and see you on your winning way quickly.

We offer these private lessons 6 days a week during the term time, and our coaches are available during the holidays depending on tours/clinics and tournaments that we arrange.

Private lessons are suited for all ages and abilities. Try a private lesson and you’ll see the difference!

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Squad Sessions

Players will be invited to Performance sessions.

Those invited must commit to 2 – 3 times per week and represent their school in inter-school tennis matches. Players will be coached to develop their full potential for school league matches and local and national tournaments and competitions around South Africa.

Sessions consisting of 6 – 10 players with similar abilities will be coached together.
Our Squad sessions are run mainly from the Hilton Village tennis courts.
This, we have found, is the best way to fast track your child’s tennis learning experience.

The Primary focus of a Squad session is tactical awareness, decision making under pressure, set plays,routines and mental and physical fitness.
The length of these sessions depend on the age and ability of the group concerned.

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Hitting Sessions

All CF Tennis coaches offer hitting sessions.

Whether it be on top of your normal lessons to work on consistency or just before that “big” tournament, this is a great way to work on your weaknesses or, to gain confidence on an area of your game that you may be battling with. Or, to solidify what you have been taught in your weekly coaching slot.

The coaches are skilled and are able to control the ball with depth and speed to help you master your strokes.

Please speak to your coach or call our office to arrange a hitting session.

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