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1. Enrolments
* By enrolling you are agreeing to attend/pay for a full term’s coaching. If you are away or intend being away you will not receive a credit, unless due to unforeseen circumstances (such as serious injury or illness)
* One set of registration forms must be completed per child. Coaching will not commence until this is received.

2. Payment
* Accounts will be emailed to you in the 1st week of each month. Invoices are payable on receipt.
* A cash deposit fee will be charged for any cash deposits into the CF tennis bank account.
* Unless written alternative arrangements are made by the signatory, all outstanding accounts will be handed over on the last day of the month.

3. Private Coaching terms
* A private coaching lesson consists of 1 player.
* Any lessons cancelled by CF Tennis will be made up during the course of the month, failing which the lesson (s) will be credited.
* If a Private lesson is missed due to inclement weather, a reasonable attempt will be made to make up the lesson.
* If 24 hours notice given for the cancellation of a private lesson, the lesson will be made up during the course of the month.
* If less than 12 hours notice is given for the cancellation of a Private lesson, the lesson will be forfeited.
* Any make up lessons need to be made up during the term or, the 1st week of the holiday. Failing which these lessons will be forfeited.

4. Semi-Private and Group Coaching terms
* A semi-private session consists of 2 players
* A group lesson consists of 3-6 players
* No refunds or make-up lessons will be given for non-attendance of a semi-private or group lesson.
* In the case in inclement weather 50% of the fee will apply.
* No make-up lessons are applicable for semi-private or group lessons.
* Should you wish to make-up lesson for a missed semi-private lesson, and time allows, we will happily do so. However, if your partner is not available this will be billed as a private lesson.

5. Agreement
By enrolling with CF Tennis you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. CF Tennis reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.

6. Communication
All communication is done via email and what’s app. Please provide the relevant email address and cell number for the person involved with your child’s tennis lesson.

7. Termination of Contract
Termination of the contract is subject to one calendar month’s written notice via email and payment thereof. An SMS is not accepted as a form of notice of cancellation.

CF Tennis, their successors, assigns, subsidiaries, associates, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents and contractors (the “indemnified parties”) shall not be liable to any entrant, participant or his or her dependants for any injury, damages, loss, claim, judgment, or other liability or expense (including, but without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever or howsoever caused) whether arising under contract, delict or otherwise and whether the loss was actually foreseen or reasonably foreseeable of whatever kind or nature, including whether for death, personal injury, property damage, or theft, that may be sustained as a result of the use of this service or that may arise before, during or after participation in any of the CF Tennis events or any recommended programmes for such events and the entrant indemnifies the indemnified parties against all such claims that may be brought against them in this regard. Persons accepting this waiver and indemnity on behalf of other persons or in their capacity as parent or legal guardian of a minor hereby agree to such persons or minors being bound by the aforegoing and hereby further indemnify the indemnified parties against any claims brought against them by any such persons or minors.

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